Dear You (yes, you),

This is for those of you who feel like you need to do more, accomplish more, give more, improve more, work more...


If you ever get that feeling that you're not enough...perfect enough, presenting enough, looking good enough...


I'm just hear to remind you that you are ENOUGH.

And when you feel that you need to do more or be more, please remember that these feelings come from a place of caring, aspiring, and wanting what's best for yourself and those around you. And that is OKAY.


And Pinterest has told us that hanging out on the couch with non-matching pajamas and small gestures of love are no longer adequate, that we have to tie a bunch of tulle and stencil the perfect font and and design the perfect color scheme for our outputs to have meaning.


And allowing children free play is no longer adequate, you must also design lessons with wood and pinecones and build the perfect fairy garden and do "101 STEAM activities  in your own backyard!".....and so on.

Reminder (to you and myself): There are only 24 hours in a day. 


People often quietly disclose their feelings of inadequacy to me. This internalized shame comes from external messages but also it comes from a pure, inner sense of know that we are really capable of doing more. Regardless, I hear it all the time - the feelings of guilt for talking to their kids a certain way, shame for not having the Pinterest perfect valentines cards or Instagram ready halloween costume or that little creepy stalker elf on a shelf, embarrassed that their kids lunch was thrown together in the midst of a whirlwind morning and dual meltdowns from the kids.

I've also had people disclose to me in secret that they have been working from home in pajamas and skipping hair washing days and not wearing makeup - or wearing more makeup for those video conference calls. These things don't have to be a secret. We need to let go of the shame and embrace who we are and what we do. You don't have to wash your hair. You are showing up to each day, and that is commendable.

We have many venues (mostly social media but even walking down the street) to compare ourselves to others, or to compare ourselves to our past or idealized selves. And in case you have a moment today where you find yourself feeling like "not enough", I see you. And you do soooooo much. I see that, too. But what you do is not who you are. You are inherently wonderful and deserve all the credit for being YOU. 

I wish you a day of doing less and basking in the joy of being enough.