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Reaching out for help is a powerful first step in personal growth and change. In therapy, we can identify and build upon your inner resources of strength and self-knowing to tailor a therapeutic process that feels right for you. Each person is very unique and brings a one-of-a-kind set of experiences, beliefs, and worldview. There are often common threads that connect many of our sources of pain and suffering. When we can gently tug on those threads, we find their origin, where we can start the healing.


My specialization is in trauma work, whether its healing from one traumatic event, to trying to unload the burden of years of distress. Often, when we experience trauma, our system learns that everything is a threat, and so we have to slowly work with the nervous system to "update its software". 

Our work together will be paced based on your goals and your level of comfort. Together, we will assess which path of healing feels right for you.

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