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Are you feeling...


  ...stressed, burned out, and not sure how to fill your cup? you cannot access your child's inner joy? your best parenting just isn't enough? 

  ...frustrated because your kids won't listen or your spouse doesn't understand?

  ...weighed down by the day-to-day and have lost sight of your own personal goals or identity?

  ...overwhelmed by having the kids home 24/7 during the shelter in place ordinance?

I can help.

Small steps. Meaningful changes.

I have been providing support and guidance to families with young children for the last two decades. In our first session, I will learn about the problem and ask questions about individual personalities and the family constellation. This allows me to identify small, simple changes to lead to major improvements in home life. By observing what motivates behavior, alters perceptions, and leads to misunderstandings, I can help you make sense of your challenges, so you can discover a solution that works for you. Whether it's a child's social or emotional struggles, or how to approach discipline in the household, I can help.  I also address family structures that inadvertently lead to tension for the child, caregivers, or the family unit. Whether the problematic behavior or situation has just started, or you've been trying to solve it for years and nothing seems to work, let's work together to find an effective and manageable solution.


Child Behavior

Parental stress and overwhelm

Parent-child bonding and attachment

Personal growth and development

Work-life balance 

Spiritual wellness

Stress and burnout

Co-parenting challenges

Creating developmentally appropriate expectations


Child behaviors

Creating routines (e.g. bedtime)

Interrelational issues (like sibling rivalry)

Boundaries and discipline

Understanding your child

Social skills development

Life transitions


  • B.A. Child Development

  • M.A. Human Development, Early Childhood

  • M.A. Counseling Psychology (in progress)

  • 19 years Early Childhood Education

  • 13 years ECE Mentor

  • Workshops offered include Early Childhood Education Environmental Design, Personal Growth as an Early Childhood Educator and Strategies for Managing the Teacher-Parent Relationship

  • Beansprouts Preschool Blog

  • Today at Preschool Podcast

"What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities

disguised as insolvable problems"

John Gardner


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