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Helping families to overcome parenting challenges to restore balance, peace and joy.


Small steps. Big results.

Throughout my career, I have consulted with parents and teachers of young children struggling with the developmental behavioral challenges that arise throughout the child's early childhood years. I offer new perspectives on what drives behavior, specifically how the family system creates both health and dysfunction for the child. I have found many simple solutions to address children's troubling behaviors. If you find yourself in a situation where you don't know how to support your child's healthy sense of discipline and boundaries no matter how positive or punitive you have been, you have come to the right person. Let me help broaden your view of the problem so that we can tailor solutions to meet your child's needs (as well as yours).

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Experience Early Childhood Education Specialist

  • B.A. Child Development

  • M.A. Human Development, Spec. Early Childhood

  • M.A. Counseling Psychology (in progress)

  • 19 years Preschool Teaching

  • 13 years Mentoring Early Childhood Educators

  • Workshops offered include Early Childhood Education Environmental Design, Personal Growth as an Early Childhood Educator and Strategies for Managing the Teacher-Parent Relationship

  • Beansprouts Preschool Blog, main author

  • Today at Preschool Podcast


You may book a free 15-minute Phone Consultation, or head straight into "the work" with either an Initial Session to touch base on my style and for me to get an overview of your situation, or you can dive right into a Coaching Session, where we begin a deep dive into our collaborative work together. Whatever you choose, we will try to identify some of your most common struggles and  find simple ways to overcome these struggles.


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"What we have before us are some breathtaking opportunities

disguised as insolvable problems"

John Gardner


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