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Taking that first courageous step towards seeking help marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards personal growth and positive change. In therapy, we embark on a collaborative exploration to uncover and harness your inner reservoirs of strength and self-awareness, customizing a therapeutic process that resonates with your unique needs.

Every individual is a tapestry of distinct experiences, beliefs, and perspectives, yet we often discover common threads woven into the fabric of our pain and suffering. By gently tracing these threads to their origins, we uncover the starting point for healing.

My area of expertise lies in trauma work, encompassing the profound healing of singular traumatic events or the gradual release of accumulated distress over time. Trauma can cause our nervous systems to perceive everything as a threat, requiring a delicate process of 'updating the software' of our inner world.

Our collaborative journey will unfold at your pace and comfort level. Together, we will assess and choose the path to healing that aligns best with your unique goals and aspirations.

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