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Working Together

To schedule a short phone call to discuss your needs and how we might work together, please click here. You can also email or text any questions you might have about the process of therapy and how I work.

Our work together is uniquely tailored to you and your specific needs. As we progress through therapy, I gain a deeper understanding of your underlying challenges, strengths, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, triggers...etc, as well as your personal history and what has influenced your experience. Together, we explore and reflect upon your story, aiming to shed light on the visible and hidden factors that have shaped who you are. Over time, it evolves into a deeper exploration of the underlying themes, like where else in your life these challenges have surfaced, how we can work with them to uncover latent joy, and how we can leverage that insight to discover alternative perspectives, skills and strengths that already reside within you. The therapeutic tools and techniques we employ adapt as we uncover the most optimal path towards healing and personal growth.

About me:

I have a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, a Master's in Human Development (Early Childhood emphasis) and a Bachelor's degree in Child and Adolescent Development. Cultivating my professional skills is a core aspect of my commitment as a therapist. In addition to formal training, I actively seek out opportunities to attend workshops and training sessions, continuously enhancing my therapeutic toolkit. My dedication to personal growth not only benefits my professional development but also serves as a testament to my unwavering commitment to providing the best support possible.


My background as a therapist includes work with trauma and C-PTSD, OCD, substance abuse, eating disorders, high risk clients, family systems and human development through the lifespan. I also have an extensive background in parent coaching and working with families of young children and teens, both in school counseling and clinical settings. I tend to emphasize depth work in order to identify thought, behavior, and habit patterns patterns that lead to pain and distress. I often help clients examine the ways early relationships in infancy and childhood have written the blueprint for their worldview. Together, through the process of therapy that is tailored to you, we can address the things that feel relevant to your growth and healing.

Working Together: About Therapy
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