My approach with children is to really follow their lead. Observation and getting to know them reveal their interests and capabilities. Some children like to pretend play, some like art, some like to talk, some like to sit quietly. With traumatized children, it's not always about "fixing" them, but rather recovering what has been lost. Children have an innate wisdom that is often overlooked or hidden beneath their behavior or diagnosis. The most important part of working with children is gaining their trust so that they not only want to come, but are open to participating in the therapeutic experience. I strongly believe that the earlier children start therapy and get the appropriate interventions, the sooner they can begin building on a solid, healthy foundation. Working with parents to support their child's growth and development is paramount.

• Play therapy 
• Art therapy 
• Storytelling and narrating
• Sand tray 

• Emotional vocabulary

• Social skill building

• Building healthy narratives

• Coping skills